Canine Cozy Coats


Specialty coats are for those who want something just a little bit different and/or something really special… Pleather coats are made from faux leather and lined in a soft fleece for colder days or a light jersey for Spring and Fall wear. They are made in a variety of styles depending on the breed of dog.

Denim coats are made from black or blue denim and also lined in a warm fleece or a light jersey for warmer days. Variety of styles available.

Hunting coats are not only fashionable but important for your pet's safety. If you're taking your beloved pooch out in the woods to help you hunt, give him the same level of protection as yourself by decking him out in hunter's orange.

Christmas Coats are fun for the Holidays and help get everyone in a festive mood! They are made of bright red fleece with white fleece trim and will put a smile on everyone’s face you encounter on your walks!

If you’d like a “Special Coats” for your pet and you have an idea in mind, lets put our heads together and make it happen!

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